Alerian Announces Golar LNG Partners Added To The Alerian MLP Equal Weight Index

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DALLAS, April 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Alerian announced today that Golar LNG Partners (GMLP) is expected to be added to the Alerian MLP Equal Weight Index (NYSE:AMZE), replacing Copano Energy Partners (CPNO) in a special rebalancing.

Special rebalancings are triggered by corporate actions that result in the termination of trading of an index constituent on a major US exchange. Such corporate actions include, but are not limited to, mergers, delistings, and bankruptcies. Pending unitholder approval, CPNO will cease to trade on the NASDAQ due to its merger with Kinder Morgan Energy Partners (KMP).

Golar LNG Partners owns and operates floating storage and regasification units (or FSRUs) and LNG carriers under long-term charters.

GMLP Shares Outstanding: 56,512,927
GMLP Investable Weight Factor: 0.49118850276504

On special rebalancing dates, the new constituent will take over the index weight, as of the last trading day, of the replaced constituent. Constituent additions to and deletions from the index do not reflect an opinion by Alerian on the investment merits of the respective securities.

About the Alerian MLP Equal Weight Index
The Alerian MLP Equal Weight Index is an equal-weighted version of the leading MLP benchmark, the Alerian MLP Index (AMZ). It has the same 50 constituents as the AMZ, but each constituent is rebalanced to a 2% weight on a quarterly basis. The index is disseminated real-time on a price-return basis (NYSE:AMZE) and on a total-return basis (NYSE:AMZEX). For index values, yields, constituents, and announcements regarding rebalancings, please visit

About Alerian
Alerian is an independent company that provides objective market information. The company is a leader in MLP and energy infrastructure market intelligence, providing benchmarks, data sets, and analytics that are used extensively by a range of industry stakeholders such as management teams, investment professionals, research analysts, and national media. The Alerian Index Series is used to analyze relative performance and to create index tracking funds. Over $13 billion is directly tied to Alerian's indices, including the leading benchmark of MLP equities: the Alerian MLP Index (AMZ). For more information, please visit

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