AmeriServ Bank Offers Discounts to PSEA Members

PR Newswire

JOHNSTOWN, Pa., June 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- AmeriServ Financial introduced a new discount mortgage program called MortgageEdge to PSEA members last year. In addition to the home loan program, AmeriServ is now offering PSEA member discounts on home equity loans and personal lines of credit.

Details of the programs include:

MortgageEdge – Receive $300 discount on already low lender fees and one free rate relock opportunity at a $400 value.

Loan in a Line Home Equity – Receive the flexibility of a line of credit and a fixed rate loan in one product. Low introductory rate for the first six months and no annual fee.

Personal Line of Credit – There is no processing or annual fees. Collateral is not required. And, the borrower does not have to open a checking or savings account to qualify.

These discount programs are exclusively for PSEA (Pennsylvania State Education Association) members and the parents and children of PSEA members. Joe Thayer, PSEA Benefits Manager, expands upon this partnership, "We thought partnering with AmeriServ would be a true benefit for our members who were looking to buy or refinance a home. And, because the bank is comprised of union members, it seemed to be a natural fit. We worked together to make this happen. Now AmeriServ is the preferred lender for our members."

PSEA members interested in any of the offers should contact AmeriServ – by telephone at 1-855-673-6456 or online at AmeriServ is headquartered in Johnstown, PA and is represented by the United Steelworkers of America, Local 2635-06.

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