Analyst: Truck Sales Indicate Recovering Economy

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We automotive types don’t pretend to hold a crystal ball when it comes to larger issues like the economy and politics. We stick to what we know, celebrating the virtues of a fuel-injected V8 matched to a short-throw 6-speed manual. But sometimes the automotive industry manages to offer insights to the economy that don’t require watching the clown from Mad Money, delivering advice with sound effects.

Commercial vehicle sales are on the rise. In the month of August alone, RAM truck sales are up nearly 29 percent, while GMC is up 15 percent. Ford and Chevrolet also saw gains, but the former two brands deal primarily in pickups.

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Trucks are the backbone of building growth in America. You can track the stock market all you want, but when people build homes, builders need trucks.

We checked in with Karl Brauer from, who offered this insight, “While it’s taking longer than anyone wants, the slowly recovering economy will offer opportunity for automakers with commercial vehicles in their portfolio.” He continued, “Brands like Dodge, Ford and Nissan are positioning themselves to power the recovery with a range of heavy duty trucks and vans in various sizes and configurations.”

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You may have seen plenty of pickup ads through the years, but be prepared to see the larges major advertising push for commercial vehicles in years. It’s a sign that the economy is on the rise.

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