Angelina Jolie stunt double had phone hacked, British court hears


By Michael Holden

LONDON, Nov 12 (Reuters) - A stunt double for Angelina Joliehad her phone hacked by a private eye working for a RupertMurdoch British tabloid to gain information about the actress'srelationship with Brad Pitt, a trial of two former editors wastold on Tuesday.

Eunice Huthart, who was also a good friend of the actress,was targeted by the News of the World paper in 2005 and 2006when there was huge media interest in the Hollywood stars'relationship, prosecutors told the Old Bailey court.

In other evidence, the court was told that the name of KateMiddleton, now the wife of Queen Elizabeth's grandson PrinceWilliam, appeared on a list entitled "Target Evaluation"discovered in the house of a man who has admitted carrying outphone-hacking for the paper.

Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson, former editors of the Newsof the World, who also have close links to Prime Minister DavidCameron, are on trial accused of conspiracy to hack phones andother charges. Six others are also on trial and they all denyallegations against them.

The phone-hacking accusations sent shockwaves through theBritish establishment, led to a public inquiry into the conductof the press, raised questions about police conduct of inquiriesand forced Murdoch to close the News of the World.

The court heard on Tuesday that an entry in a notebookbelonging to private detective Glenn Mulcaire, who has admittedillegally tapping voicemails on mobile phones for the tabloid,contained details of Huthart's mobile phone and her voicemailPIN number.


The entry was dated July 2005. Huthart was in Los Angeleswhere Jolie and Pitt were filming "Mr and Mrs Smith" and mediaspeculation about their relationship was intense.

In June, Huthart launched the first legal action in theUnited States against Murdoch's News Corp over phone-hackingwhich her lawsuit said had occurred in 2004 and 2005.

Prosecutors said it was accepted that Mulcaire had hackedher phone four times in early 2006 around the time Joliepublicly announced she was pregnant with Pitt's child.

Numerous stories appeared in the News of the World duringthis period, when Coulson was the paper's editor and prosecutorshave previously argued he must have been aware where suchinformation came from, an accusation he rejects.

The court was also shown an entry in Mulcaire's notebookwith a handwritten list of 18 names including Middleton, now theDuchess of Cambridge, London mayor Boris Johnson and others whothe jury have been told were alleged phone-hacking victims.

The discovery was made when Mulcaire was first arrested bydetectives in 2006, but no further reference to whether theduchess was actually targeted was made.

The prosecution gave details relating to the hacking ofother victims including former British minister Tessa Jowellwhose lawyer husband was accused by Italian authorities ofcorruption charges linked to ex-Prime Minister SilvioBerlusconi.

Phone records showed her phone was repeatedly hacked betweenMarch and July 2006, the court heard.

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