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ROY, Utah, June 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Utah-based property investment company, AnP Properties LLC, today announced that its business is now operating online to better serve clients across the country. The new site showcasing multiple properties is available at

AnP Properties LLC is a family owned business that was started in 2008 by cofounders and owners Patricia and Leslie Wallace. The couple buys and sells land in different states and currently owns seven half acre lots in Timberon, New Mexico.

"Timberon, New Mexico is located in the Sacramento Mountains and is surrounded by the Lincoln National Forest," explains Leslie Wallace. "It has its own 9-hole golf course, private airstrip, and fire department, and there is plenty to do within driving distance. We take all of these things into consideration before investing in property." 

Owner Leslie Wallace also owns property in Colorado City as well as a lot near Pueblo, Colorado. The couple is committed to finding great real estate investment opportunities and updates their inventory periodically.

In addition to introducing its new website, the Company has also launched social media pages on Facebook and Twitter to further share its properties. A new blog will also be introduced at the website in the upcoming weeks to further promote property locations, share resources, and answer frequently asked questions that come in from other property investors and potential clients.

For more information on AnP Properties LLC, visit the Company's new website at


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