Anti-crime activist sics cops at MIC Youth leader for gangsterism link

September 6, 2013
Anti-crime activist sics cops at MIC Youth leader for gangsterism link

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 6 — Former MyWatch adviser S Gobikrishnan accused MIC Youth chief T. Mohan today of having links with the underworld, an allegation made just as the police widened its anti-crime dragnet to include “gangster” politicians.

On his Twitter page this afternoon, Gobikrishnan alleged that Mohan is a patron of “Gang 36”, an Indian triad led by “Kajang Devan”, a name revealed by the Home Ministry today as part of the Najib administration’s crackdown on gangs.

“I urge @PDRMsia to arrest @TMohan18 and initiate investigation on his involvement with Indian gangster group 36 asap. @KBAB51,” the anti-crime activist said.

He further alleged that Mohan’s car, a Mercedes CLS, bears the plate number “3060” which he claimed was a known identity code of the gang.

“@TMohan18 ‘s Mercedes CLS car bears the registration number 3060, a common identity for gang 36!”

“Its a public knowledge tht @TMohan18 is the patron of Indian gangster group 36, which is led by Kajang Devan, the name revealed by KDN (Home Ministry) today,” said the MyWatch adviser, tagging Mohan with the latter’s Twitter handle @TMohan18.

At the time of writing, attempts by The Malay Mail Online to contact Mohan for a response were futile.

Yesterday, Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said his ministry has identified several politicians believed to be linked with triads in the country. The authorities are currently investigating the matter.

“If those politicians are former members of secret societies, they might have already repented. It would be unfair to associate them with those societies again,” he said.

“But if investigations reveal they still have connections with triads, then we will expose them and take legal action.”

This revelation comes barely 24 hours after former Bukit Aman CID director Tan Sri Zaman Khan said a convicted former triad chief was now a low-ranking political party leader in Penang. He stopped short of naming the person but said it was an unhealthy development for politics in the country.

However, Zaman clarified yesterday the man in question was arrested and prosecuted in the past.

“I was merely referring to a case which occurred in the past, not presently,” he said.

Bukit Aman’s secret societies, gaming and anti-vice (D7) principal assistant director Datuk Abdul Jalil Hassan said the man Zaman was referring to was Ong King Ee @ Jackie Chan.

Ong is a former MCA Gurney Drive branch chairman and a former triad boss.

“He was released in early 1992 after being held for two years under the Emergency Ordinance,” said Abdul Jalil.

“He joined MCA in 2000 but quit the following year after party members questioned his involvement in the party because of his background.”

The recent spate of shooting incidents has raised security concerns, prompting the police and government to initiate nationwide crackdown on crime.

Among those who fell victim to the spate of shootings is Gobikrishnan’s colleague, MyWatch director R. Sri Sanjeevan who was gun down near his house in Negeri Sembilan.

Friends of the anti-crime activist claimed the assassination attempt was intended to prevent him from leaking names of top syndicated police officers linked to the underworld.

Ops Cantas, launched on Aug 17, has seen more than 4,000 people detained all over the country. This led to the police publicly naming 49 secret societies involved in crime.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak had last week, said the operation was necessary to ensure citizens would be able to live without fearin for their safety, adding it was a relentless fight against crime.