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ARCADIS (ARCAY), the leading natural and built asset design and consultancy firm, recently announced the promotion of 40 employees who have demonstrated exceptional performance, client service and leadership within the organization, reflecting the company’s steady growth and strong performance.

Executive Vice President

Janet Peters, operations director at ARCADIS, drives excellence in project delivery, agility in resourcing. Peters has implemented innovative programs for staff development, both domestically and globally. With more than 25 years in the industry, she brings a wealth of experience to projects and client teams, with significant focus in mining, oil and gas, and redevelopment. She holds a master’s degree in geology from Indiana University.

Senior Vice President

John Horst, chief technical officer, specializes in innovative in-situ remediation technologies and sets the technical vision for the organization. With more than 20 years of experience, he works across multiple markets, with significant focus in oil and gas and mining. Horst is a member of the Society of Mining Metallurgy and Exploration (SME) and holds a bachelor’s degree in civil/architectural engineering from Drexel University.

Vice Presidents

Jeff Burdick is a hydrogeologist with 23 years of experience. He is a former discipline director and operations lead for remediation in the East, who currently serves as the technology, knowledge and innovation (TKI) lead supporting the Industrial Market Sector.

Jacob Dunnell has 24 years of industry experience. He is the oil and gas leader of ARCADIS’ Appalachian Basin and specializes in the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and regulated pipeline projects. Dunnell splits his time between ARCADIS’ Chelmsford, Mass. and Seven Fields, Pa. offices.

Chris Engler and has more than 27 years of experience as a consulting engineer. Areas of technical expertise include mechanical systems design (fire protection, HVAC, pump and piping systems), D4 project management (building characterization and hazardous materials management), and environmental remedial systems design (vapor intrusion mitigation and groundwater pump and treatment systems). Engler works out of the Syracuse, N.Y. office.

Wei-lin Feng has over 28 years of industry and consulting engineering experience. Feng is a client director for ARCADIS’ commercial sector. Currently, his duties include client management, of geotechnical and environmental investigation, and soil and groundwater remediation projects. He currently works in the Hoffman Estates, Ill. office.

Celine Hyer has 24 years of environmental engineering experience including in the areas of solid waste, remediation, and water and wastewater facilities. Hyer specializes in Utility Asset Management and buried infrastructure programs including planning, implementation of CMMS programs, and condition and risk assessments. Hyer works out of the Tampa, Fla. office.

Wojciech Jozewicz has over 30 years environmental engineering experience in the area of air pollution control and emission reduction. Jozewicz consults with the U.S. Department of State, U.N. Environmental Program, and the U.S. EPA. Jozewicz works out of the Durham, N.C. office.

James Kirschner has spent 28 years in the environmental consulting business where he has conducted groundwater investigations and remediation. Kirschner specializes in global client development in the oil and gas and mining sectors. Kirschner works out of the Phoenix office.

Rich Mall is the market sector development leader for commercial markets in the U.S. He is responsible for shaping market sector growth strategies, thought leadership, promoting service and technical capabilities, and market offerings to implement differentiated, high-quality solutions for clients’ existing and emerging business needs. He currently works in the Braintree, Mass. office.

Brian O’Mara has 27 years of consulting experience. He works with clients to develop global, cross-divisional teams that solve complex compliance matters and advises clients on strategies to manage risk related to mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. O’Mara is based in Detroit.

Jorge Ramirez has 21 years of experience in environmental remediation in the U.S. and in Latin America for industrial and oil and gas clients. He is the program manager for Chevron in Latin America and technical advisor for the region. He’s located in Tampa, Fla.

Ben Shoup has over 17 years of experience in the oil and gas industry focused on exploration, development and production operations. He works with numerous client managers and technical personnel to develop seamless, turn-key business solutions across all divisions to meet our clients’ fast-paced development and operational objectives. Shoup works out of the Buffalo, Wyo. office.

Dan St. Germain has 30 years of environmental engineering experience including groundwater supply development, and soil and groundwater remediation. He is the director of hydrogeology and conceptual site models in ARCADIS’ TKI group and is responsible for the firm-wide quality of hydrogeology services. St. Germain works out of the Fair Lawn, N.J. office.

Julie Sueker has 24 years of professional experience as a geochemist and hydrologist specializing in physical hydrology, isotope hydrology, hydrogeology, environmental geochemistry, and environmental forensics investigations. Sueker leads the ARCADIS Chemical and Biological Forensics and the Natural Attenuation technical teams. She works in the Lakewood, Colo. office.

Jon Westervelt has experience in the design and construction administration of water and wastewater treatment facilities. His design experience includes development of design documents and specifications, construction cost estimation, and project scheduling. Westervelt works out of the Phoenix office.

Associate Vice Presidents

Karen Arnold has 29 years of engineering and environmental health and safety (EHS) compliance and management experience. She works with ARCADIS’ technical and client development experts to shape strategy, service and technical capabilities, and market offerings to implement differentiated, high-quality solutions for our clients. Arnold is located in the Portland, Maine office.

Marjorie Collins has over 25 years of experience primarily in air quality and environmental compliance. She is the resource manager for the air permitting and compliance group. Collins works out of the Novi, Mich. office.

Jason Cosgrove has 20 years of environmental engineering experience. His experience includes in-situ/ex-situ remediation system design and operations, environmental characterization/investigation, feasibility studies, environmental program management, rapid response incident management and permitting/compliance related activities. Cosgrove works out of the Indianapolis office.

Tim Cox has 26 years of experience in the consulting industry. His areas of expertise include remedial investigation/feasibility studies at organic and inorganic contaminated sites and groundwater-surface water interactions. Cox is ARCADIS’ portfolio manager for Chevron Mining Inc.’s operational and legacy properties in New Mexico and Colorado. He works out of the Highlands Ranch, Colo. office.

John Dalton is a transit professional and is the ARCADIS principal-in-charge for a major metropolitan area transit authority. Prior to joining ARCADIS, John served as the deputy program manager for the $7.8 billion Dubai Metro Project in the United Arab Emirates and served as the general manager of Capital Construction at the Chicago Transit Authority.

Mike Dant has 28 years of environmental investigation/remediation experience involving all media in varied hydrogeologic environments. His areas of expertise include managing site issues for clients in numerous countries leading to the development and implementation of practical solutions. Dant is currently focused on serving numerous clients primarily in the chemical industry. He works out of the Millersville, Md. office.

Chris Evensen leads ARCADIS’ North American freight rail facilities engineering practice. He has 25 years of experience developing business and providing technical leadership for railroad facilities and has led the firm’s advancement into this service line. He is located in the Choteau, Mont. office.

Greg Fiol has 28 years of environmental experience with focus on: site investigation, construction, and remediation. In addition to being a principal-in-charge for the Brilliant National Services account, he serves as program manager for BP Foxglove, portfolio manager for Chevron, and is a project manager for several Brenntag projects. Fiol works out of the Los Angeles office.

Cullen Flanders has nearly 20 years of environmental consulting experience including remedial strategy development, remedial design, and project management. Cullen supports the TKI industrial sector, the ARCADIS federal program and many major oil and gas clients. Flanders works out of the Seven Fields, Pa. office.

Jeff Gillow has 25 years of experience in environmental science and specializes in the evaluation and remediation of inorganics in soil and groundwater, specifically metals and radionuclides. His work focuses on advancing innovative solutions to tackle recalcitrant contaminants. Gillow is based in the Highlands Ranch, Colo. office.

Allen Just has 23 years of environmental engineering experience. He is the program manager for two operations, maintenance and monitoring portfolios, and is the project manager for former refinery, pesticide, and mining facilities. Just works out of the Irvine, Calif. office.

John Kivett has 22 years of environmental experience as a geologist on groundwater investigations and clean-ups at facilities throughout the Southwest. Currently he focuses on project and program management for an oil and gas client in the West and provides technical oversight on regional projects. Kivett works out of the Las Vegas office.

Mark Klemmer has 16 years of environmental engineering experience focused on in-situ soil and groundwater remediation. Klemmer is focused on assisting clients in rail and power and utilities industries with their environmental liabilities, bringing technical solutions to complex organic and inorganic contaminant plumes. He works out of the Novi, Mich. office.

Denny Lerch has 20 years of multi-disciplinary experience with EHS compliance programs in such industries as electric utilities, pharmaceutical, steel, cement, refineries, and chemical companies. He is the principal-in-charge for Calpine and supports new EHS compliance opportunities for the commercial market sector. Lerch works out of the Cranbury, N.J. office.

Tim Limbers is a hydrogeologist and certified project manager with 21 years of experience. Limbers manages a variety of upstream and downstream projects with oil and gas sector clients. He is also the client manager for a company that owns and operates retail shopping centers across the country. Limbers works out of the San Luis Obispo, Calif. office.

Anthony Noce has more than 25 years of experience in environmental chemistry and consulting, with a focus on EHS compliance, due diligence and integration services. Noce directs global project teams of various sizes to deliver innovative solutions on time and on budget to help his clients control business risks. He is based in Clifton Park, N.Y.

John Novotny has 26 years of experience in EHS both as a consultant. His experience includes facilities decommissioning, water, waste, remediation, hazardous materials transport, in addition to management of EHS programs. Novotny is working on a multi-year ARCADIS self-perform remediation project involving PCBs. Novotny works out of the Buffalo, N.Y. office.

Rob Reed and has over 25 years of operations, project, and quality management experience; including managing the design and construction support stages of the Passaic River Phase I Removal Action. Reed is managing a variety of client projects; he is the resource coordinator for remediation-sediments, and is an ARCADIS quality manager. Reed works out of the Syracuse, N.Y. office.

Amy Santos is both the global leader and technical director for water business advisory services. Santos is responsible for shaping strategy, thought leadership, service and technical capabilities, and market offerings to implement differentiated, high-quality solutions for clients’ existing and emerging business issues and needs. She works in the Virginia Beach, Va. office.

Jeffrey Stoicescu has 20 years of experience in civil, geotechnical, and environmental engineering projects around the world. He supports a wide range of oil and gas clients, the federal Superfund program, ARCADIS’ mining sector, as well as water and wastewater projects. Stoicescu works out of the White Plains, N.Y. office.

David Ward is a project manager, department manager and lead GIS analyst responsible for delivering GIS and asset management consulting services to key transportation clients. He works out of the Greenville, S.C. office.

Janette Wilson has 22 years of consulting experience with strong technical and management experience in environmental assessment/remediation and management of incident response and recovery (IRR) projects. She is a certified project manager for rail and chemical clients and a lead member of the IRR team. Wilson works in the Tampa, Fla. office.

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