Arkansas prisons to sell horses at October auction

Looking to buy a horse? Arkansas' prison system to sell colts, mules at auction next month

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Arkansas prisons to sell horses at October auction

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In this photo taken July 31, 2013, inmate Daniel Johnson shoes a horse at the Arkansas Department of …

BENTON, Ark. (AP) -- Arkansas' prison system is planning to sell some of its horses at auction next month.

Department of Correction spokeswoman Shea Wilson says people will have a chance to bid on about 35 retired horses, colts and mules at the agency's third horse auction Oct. 5 in Benton, Ark.

Wilson says the auction is aimed at finding good homes for animals that have served the agency well.

Last year's auction featured about three dozen animals and brought in more than $27,000 for the Department of Correction's agriculture division.

Arkansas' prison system has hundreds of horses that staffers ride to supervise inmates on farms and work crews.

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