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Barron's Winner Two Consecutive Quarters - PSN Top Guns Four Consecutive Years

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DENVER, Sept. 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- AthenaInvest is proud to announce that the Athena Pure Valuation | Profitability Portfolio received Barron's recognition once again for delivering quarterly performance in the top 10 Separately Managed Accounts as tracked by Morningstar and Barron's for the period ending 6/30/2013. The portfolio now has two consecutive quarters of Barron's performance recognition, also making the top 10 list for quarterly performance for the period ending 3/31/2013.(1)


Since its inception in 2002, the portfolio has been focused on generating superior returns using a single concentrated equity strategy to generate alpha, typically holding only about 10 U.S. stocks. "We are pleased to see this type of performance recognition and believe the Pure Valuation | Profitability Portfolio is a great demonstration of how Behavioral Portfolio Management can deliver superior returns," commented Professor C. Thomas Howard, Ph.D., CEO and Director of Research at AthenaInvest. "It's great to see the short-term performance being recognized, but the real story is the portfolio's long term performance," Dr. Howard explained, referencing the portfolio's remarkable ten-year annualized returns.

Athena attributes the portfolio's performance to its application of Behavioral Portfolio Management, a new investment approach tied to research in the Behavioral Finance arena. Professor Howard and his team employ a patented research process to take advantage of systematic and predictable behavioral mistakes that are inherent in the equity markets. "The popular notion in the marketplace is that people are rational and markets are efficient," said Dr. Howard, "but in reality, there is an overwhelming presence of emotions involved in investment decisions which creates inefficiencies in the marketplace. Those inefficiencies when systemically analyzed can generate terrific opportunities for superior investment selection and portfolio performance." 

Barron's is not the only recognition that the Pure Valuation | Profitability Portfolio has received. The portfolio has also received "PSN Top Guns" recognition for top performance in its peer group for four consecutive years within the Informa Investment Solutions PSN manager ranking database, the longest-running investment manager database in North America.(2)

This performance has helped AthenaInvest garner the attention of investment professionals and the industry. Professor Howard's thought leadership in the Behavioral Portfolio Management space has generated significant interest in Behavioral Portfolio Management across the country with record downloads of his Behavioral Portfolio Management white paper, and recent presentations at the Investment Management Consultants Association® (IMCA®) 2013 Annual Conference and Financial Advisor Magazine's 4th Annual Innovative Alternatives Conference. Articles on Athena's approach have been among the most widely read on sites such as and

Athena's approach also caught the attention of AdvisorShares, the industry leader in actively managed ETFs, who tapped AthenaInvest to sub-advise the  AdvisorShares Athena International Bear ETF (HDGI) using Athena's Behavioral Portfolio Management approach.    

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AthenaInvest is the industry leader in Behavioral Portfolio Management with a patented research process built on a deep academic foundation developed over 35 years of interaction with leading academics and institutional managers by C. Thomas Howard, Ph.D., CEO and Director of Research. AthenaInvest analyzes persistent and predictive behavioral factors such as endowment asset allocation, portfolio manager consistency and conviction, company management confidence and investor preferences. These behavioral factors are used in all aspects of the portfolio management process to build innovative investment solutions for today's challenging markets.

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