Awesome Speed Kills video exposes government scam behind the myth of speeding

Kai Benson
Yahoo! Autos Canada

How much of a danger is speeding on Canadian highways? To independent filmmaker/activist/provocateur Six7films, the answer is: nearly zero. Through a deftly crafted video, he uses science, statistics and Simpsons references to show that the current Canadian system doesn't save lives. What it really does is slow down drivers, empty their bank accounts and, perhaps, increase the chance of collisions.

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Though the length of the video might turn you away, stick with it. By the end, you'll be both entertained and informed—and furious at your local law department for trying to get their sticky fingers on your money for doing 130 on a 4-lane divided highway. (And if you're in British Columbia, doing 40 km/h over the limit gets you between $368–$483 and three demerits.)

Of course, not all speeding is okay, and Six7films knows it. But it's hard to fight the hard data presented: other countries have higher limits and lower accident rates; police patrol in hopes of catching speeders rather than preventing speeding; and engineers and scientists have recommended higher limits to government (who promptly ignore them.)

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So at least you can feel safe driving at a reasonable speed with the flow of traffic—even if you can't feel safe from law enforcement lining their pockets with your money.

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