Barry Callebaut initiates largest sustainable cocoa program in collaboration with Rainforest Alliance in Cameroon


YAOUNDE, CAMEROON and ZURICH, SWITZERLAND--(Marketwired - Jun 20, 2013) -

Barry Callebaut /Barry Callebaut initiates largest sustainable cocoa program incollaborationwith Rainforest Alliance in Cameroon. Processed and transmitted by ThomsonReuters ONE.The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement.

Expanding cocoa farmer programs in Cameroon

* Barry Callebaut has provided comprehensive training in sustainablecocoaproduction to 1,000 farmers in central and western Cameroon

* Facilitated the establishment of five cooperatives to improve marketaccess and services for farmers

* Participating cocoa farmer cooperatives are the first cooperatives inCameroon to become Rainforest AllianceCertified™

Barry Callebaut, theworld's leading manufacturer of high-quality cocoa and chocolate products,hastrained approximately 1,000 farmers from five cooperatives in the centralandwestern regions of Cameroon in sustainable cocoa production, enabling themtobecome Rainforest AllianceCertified™ in just 10 months. This marks thefirsttime that cocoa farmer cooperatives and not buying groups in Cameroon haveachieved the independently verified Rainforest Alliancecertification. Thegroupadministrators received their official certificates which formalized theirefforts.

On June 6, 2013 Barry Callebaut rewarded the cooperatives and farmers fortheirsuccessful efforts. Farmers and cooperative management representatives aswellas local area officials and delegates from government ministriesparticipated inthe ceremony hosted by SIC Cacaos, Barry Callebaut's subsidiary in Cameroon.

"A vital step for sustainable cocoa production in Cameroon"

Barry Callebaut's local training team comprising 15 people provides ongoingtraining and support to the participating farmers. Aurelie Oberti, ProjectCoordinator Cocoa Horizons, explains: "The certification standard includeseconomic, social and environmental criteria, and training is a vital steptowards achieving sustainable cocoa production in Cameroon. We're pleasedtocollaborate with Rainforest Alliance trainers in this process and to helpthepioneering cooperatives to reach their ambitious sustainability goals."

In addition to training the farmers in sustainable agricultural practices,BarryCallebaut helped the farmer groups to achieve cooperative status. "The aimis tostrengthen the capacity of the farmer organizations and ultimately increasethenumber of farmers benefiting from the sustainability initiative. We areproudthat the former farmer groups are now formally organized as certifiedcooperatives," Oberti says.

The commitment in Cameroon is part of Cocoa Horizons, Barry Callebaut'sglobalcocoa sustainability initiative. "We could definitely rely on theexperiencewe've gained in other Cocoa Horizons projects in Ivory Coast and bring theunique expertise to Cameroon, including the central region of Cameroon,which isknown for its high quality non-smoky cocoa," says Simplice Koné,Project ManagerCocoa Horizons Cameroon. "The purpose of the farmer training is todemonstratesustainable practices and to convince farmers to apply these practices totheirexisting and future cocoa farms. Ultimately, our goal is to show farmershowgood agricultural and environmental practices can help to increase yieldsandpreserve the environment simultaneously," he adds.

The certification training activities build on the success of BarryCallebaut'sown Quality Partner Program (QPP) with farmer cooperatives, started inIvoryCoast in 2005 and launched in Cameroon in 2010.

The Rainforest Alliance certification standard is based upon 10 principlecovering economic, social and environmental aspects of farming and farmmanagement, including the protection of natural resources such as nativetrees,water, and the soil; the management of waste and the recycling back intothefarm of organic waste; the management of chemical inputs such asfertilizer andpesticide; and the provision of social measures such as access to schoolsandhealth care for the farmers' and workers' children and families. For moreinformation on Rainforest Alliance:

Barry Callebaut's commitment to sustainable cocoa:

"Cocoa Horizons" is a CHF 40 million cocoa sustainability initiative, whichwaslaunched as part of Barry Callebaut's decision to make sustainable cocoaone ofthe four pillars of its corporate strategy. The aim of the program is tofurtherboost farm productivity, increase quality and improve family livelihoods inkeycocoa producing countries over 10 years. In fiscal year 2011/2012 alone,thecompany invested CHF 5 million in farmer training, infrastructure andcommunityeducation and health programs. Barry Callebaut is focusing first on largeproducer countries including Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Indonesia, CameroonandBrazil, and aims to expand the initiative to other cocoa producingcountrieswith high development potential over the coming years.

One of Barry Callebaut's landmark programs is the Quality Partner Program(QPP)through which the key goals of the Cocoa Horizons initiative areimplemented onthe ground in direct collaboration with cocoa farmer cooperatives,agriculturalexperts and government institutions. The program, which was founded in2005,helps to train and support cocoa farmers to increase yields and quality andimprove their livelihoods through higher income and improved access toeducationand basic health care. Over 30,000 cocoa farmers have benefited from theQualityPartner Program.


Barry Callebaut (

With annual sales of about CHF 4.8 billion (EUR 4.0 billion / USD 5.2billion)in fiscal year 2011/12, Zurich-based Barry Callebaut is the world's leadingmanufacturer of high-quality cocoa and chocolate - from the cocoa bean tothefinest chocolate product. Barry Callebaut operates out of 30 countries,runsmore than 45 production facilities and employs a diverse and dedicatedworkforceof about 6,000 people. Barry Callebaut serves the entire food industryfocusingon industrial food manufacturers, artisans and professional users ofchocolate(such as chocolatiers, pastry chefs or bakers), the latter with its twoglobalbrands Callebaut® and Cacao Barry®. Barry Callebaut is the globalleader incocoa and chocolate innovations and provides a comprehensive range ofservicesin the fields of product development, processing, training and marketing.Costleadership is another important reason why global as well as local foodmanufacturers work together with Barry Callebaut. Through its CocoaHorizonsinitiative and research activities, the company engages with farmers,farmerorganizations and other partners to help ensure future supplies of cocoaandimprove farmer livelihoods.


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