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Best Gadgets for Women

Gadgets are on just about everyone's holiday wish list, but which tech gear is specifically calling out to the ladies? Here are the top five tech-savvy picks for women.


While men are currently the largest consumers of tablets, a recent survey shows that women prefer the lighter, easier-on-the-eye eReaders, like the Amazon Kindle ($79) and Nook from Barnes and Noble ($99). In fact, 61 percent of all eReader owners are female, according to Nielsen's latest quarterly survey. Amazon's new Kindle Fire, which retails for $199 is, in fact, the top-selling item on Amazon.

Casemate "Tank Case"

If your lady friend has an iPhone 4 or 4s and has a purse filled to the rim (or is clumsy like me), then her phone could use some serious protection. Consider purchasing a sturdy case like Tank Case from Case-mate. It has a hard, shatter-resistant shell modeled after motorcycle helmet engineering, as well as a retractable screen to shield your phone. Price: $60.

InnoTab Learning App Tablet

For moms with tech-savvy tots, there's the InnoTab Learning App Tablet. Also known as the "baby-iPad," it features a 5-inch color touch screen, 64 megabytes of memory and interactive reading, games and activities in a durable design. It's best for children aged four to nine. Price: $80.

Agloves Touchscreen Gloves

Finally, gloves where you can operate your touchscreen phones! The Agloves by Touchscreen Gloves work with any touchscreen phone, camera, multimedia device, game system and eReader. Price: $18.

Click 'N Dig Key Finder

If your gal is like me and she's often misplacing her keys, wallet or phone, consider gifting her a set of wireless tracking devices, like the Click 'N Dig Key Finder to help her locate her most important belongings as far away as 60 feet. Price: $60, but on sale at Amazon for $33.


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