The Big Clock Store Offers NON TICKING Large Wall Clocks

June 27, 2013

Phoenix, AZ, June 27, 2013 -- Have you ever been unable to sleep because a ticking clock kept you awake? Many have stashed more than a few clocks in a closet or bathroom when visiting relatives because they can't stand the ticking!

For the first time (for a limited time), is offering quiet mechanisms on most of their large wall clocks at no additional charge. These mechanisms are relatively new to the market. They are called Continuous Sweep Movements. Instead of a Step movement, in which the second hand ticks in a jerking motion to each second, the SWEEP movement has a smooth circular movement. But more important than the smooth movement, is the resultant quiet sound. It does not tick! has offered quiet mechanisms on most of their smaller clocks, but NOW they offer the Sweep movement on their larger clocks as well (no additional charge for a limited time).

The Big Clock Store is arguably the largest "personalized" clock manufacturing company in the world. They can make a single 12 inch clock celebrating an anniversary or hundreds with a unique logo for a large organization. They can match a bed spread pattern for baby's rooms, or print your "classic car" on the face. The 5 foot clocks are an unbelievable addition to a large wall in a business or home. From Kids clocks to sports clocks, apple clocks, rooster clocks, vintage, logo, wedding, or contemporary, if doesn't already have it, more likely than not, they can make it. Today you will see their clocks all around the world in schools, restaurants, hotels, businesses, as well as in thousands and thousands of individual homes.

They offer many clocks in a variety of sizes: 12", 18", 24", 30", 36", 48", and even 60"!! Choose the quiet clocks if you are bothered by ticking. If you LIKE ticking, let them know and they can help you with that too!

The Big Clock Store
Noelle Ray

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