Big investors show positive Q3 performance -Wilshire


Nov 4 (Reuters) - Nearly all pension funds and otherinstitutional investors had positive performance in the thirdquarter of 2013, with a median quarterly return of 4.42 percent,data from Wilshire Associates showed on Monday.

U.S. public pension funds run by states and citiesoutperformed all other kinds of funds, returning 4.92 percent inthe third quarter.

The overall results are an improvement compared to thesecond quarter, when all funds posted their first median declinein a year, down .06 percent.

The benchmark Wilshire Trust Universe Comparison Servicecontains data for more than 1,800 different plans with assetstotaling more than $3.43 trillion.

Corporate funds returned a median 4.09 percent for the thirdquarter, while foundations and endowments returned a median 4.48percent, the data showed.

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