Bond Guru Bill Gross’s 2013 Predictions in Charts (Part One)


Bill Gross, Pimco founder and much-watched bond guru, rang in the New Year by unveiling “2013 Fearless Forecasts” to the Twittersphere. Since he was limited to 140 characters per Tweet, we thought we’d help put his mighty words into context with a few charts.

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5 Year Treasury Rate Chart

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Gross predicted that the 5-Year Treasury bond would end 2013 with a yield of 0.7%, barely changed from year-end levels.

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^SPX Chart

He expects stocks and bonds generally to return 5% in 2013.

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US Unemployment Rate Chart

The U.S. unemployment rate will stay at 7.5% or higher, he says.

While some of those forecasts may seem less than bold, they are simply broad strokes of Gross’ generally bearish views these days, which can be read in full detail on Pimco’s website. Sovereign debt, as well as high debt levels at financials institutions and in households, will make general economic growth very difficult, he says.

Part Two of Gross's predictions, illustrated in charts, is next.

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