Book, Pay, and Message the Babysitter - CluckCluck Launches Mobile App to Make Mom's (and Dad's) Life Easier

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LOS ANGELES, June 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- CluckCluck, Inc., a technology company founded by two moms, has just launched its mobile app.  The launch comes after several months of beta testing with fellow parents, childcare providers and mobile experts.

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The CluckCluck app solves key issues faced by parents: booking a babysitter, communicating with the sitter about necessary tasks, ensuring the sitter has access to emergency contact info, and paying the sitter without making a trip to the ATM.

CluckCluck was created by Heather Estenson Joyce and Erin Gielow Matzkin, two technology attorneys and long-time friends with five children between them.  Joyce and Matzkin practiced law at the same firm then later at The Walt Disney Company.  After years of conversations about the challenges of balancing work and family life, and shared frustration about the lack of effective tools to help parents manage that balance, Joyce and Matzkin decided to build a solution themselves.  

CluckCluck allows parents to send out a single invitation to multiple caregivers, learn who is available in real time, and then book the caregiver of their choice with one touch.  While on the job, caregivers can access task lists for each child and send updates with just the push of a button, and optionally include a text message or photo.

Joyce states, "When I went back to work after having my son, I wanted to know when he was napping, when he had a bottle – that kind of basic information about his day.  Now that my kids are older, I want to know if they've finished their homework and how soccer practice is going.  CluckCluck helps me stay informed."

CluckCluck also gives parents peace of mind by providing access to emergency contact information.  Matzkin notes, "I used to have my pediatrician's phone number on a post-it note on my fridge.  Now my family's emergency contact information is available to my babysitter whenever she's watching my children."

Finally, CluckCluck provides parents with an easy way to pay caregivers.  Joyce explains, "Every parent dreads the run to the ATM on the way home.  CluckCluck gives you the ability to calculate the amount you owe, pay it from your phone, and keep track of how much you've spent."  

To build CluckCluck, Joyce and Matzkin teamed up with Damian Toohey, a father of three and experienced app developer.  

Babble calls the app "simple and organized" and "pretty amazing," and TechCrunch states, "CluckCluck is the kind of app that's clearly been designed based on these women's real-world experience in trying to balance their parenting duties and ambitious careers."

CluckCluck, Inc. was founded in 2012.  The CluckCluck mobile app is optimized for iPhone and iPod Touch with iOS 7 and higher.  It is available in the iTunes App Store for $2.99.  The app includes a "gift the app" function, so parents can gift it to their favorite sitters.  For more information, visit CluckCluck's website at or contact the CluckCluck team at

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