This Brilliant Hi-Tech Sticker Will Ensure You Never Lose Your Keys Again

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This is the Stick-N-Find by Sticknfind Technologies, a subsidy of SSI America.

Why We Love It: Whether you're guilty of losing your things all the time or you've always got everything in check, hey—we're all human. The Stick-N-Find is a discreet sticker about the size of a quarter that you can adhere to anything you want to keep track of and link to your phone with Bluetooth. The Stick-N-Find app monitors the whereabouts of anything with a sticker on it up to a range of 100 feet.

With the app you can see approximately how far away from your phone an item is, you can prescribe an item a range so if it winds up outside that range the app will alert you, and you can page a sticker on an item to flash and create a sound so you can easily find it anywhere within 100 feet. 

The Stick-N-Find stickers are perfect for small items, or moving items; attach them to your kids' shoes or your pet's collar so they don't wander off.

Where To Buy: The Stick-N-Find will be released in March, but is available to pre-order from indiegogo. The app is available on the Apple iTunes Store and on Google Play.

Cost: Various packs available, from $35 for two Stick-N-Find stickers to $1,400 for 100 stickers.

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