British police arrest 4 in Silk Road investigation

UK police make 4 arrests over notorious drug website Silk Road, promise 'many more to come'

Associated Press

LONDON (AP) -- British police say they have made four arrests as part of the U.S.-led investigation of Silk Road, until recently the Internet's most notorious illegal drug site.

The newly established National Crime Agency said Tuesday that the men were arrested only hours after American officials detained Ross Ulbricht, the site's alleged mastermind, on Oct. 1. Officials promised "many more to come."

Three of the men, identified as being in their 20s, were described as being from the northern English city of Manchester. Another man was described as being in his 50s and from southwestern England.

Silk Road gained widespread notoriety two years ago as an Amazon-like forum where users could buy and sell hard drugs using electronic currency.

Officials say the black market website brokered more than $1 billion in sales.

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