Broz on Bonds 6.10.13

June 10, 2013

10-Year Treasury Notes: If the bulls can get trade back above 129.135 and especially 129.21 they’ll be able to take trade higher and take out some shorts. Weakness targets 128.245; trade below 128.105 goes after 127.26. US 5-Year Treasury Note:  Note the virtually neutral settles in 10s and 5s… we had talked last week about the bears needing 05 here; note the target if we get weakness. Trade above 122.18 will move to 122.23 (the 1% is near 23); even if the bulls take the % they’ll still need 122.31_7. S&P500 Stock Index:  Trade up thru 46 targets 60.50 and 97 (97 is a fade). Losing 24 targets 1600.