Broz on Bonds 6.12.13

June 12, 2013

10-Year Treasury Notes: Trade staying below 129.03 keeps pressure on the market – even if the bulls get trade above there they’ll still need 129.13. Downside, the bears need BOTH the yield AND 128.055 (note the targets if they accomplish that). US 5-Year Treasury Note:  All the upside pivotals can be faded – but do so knowing trade gets progressively more bullish with each one the longs take out. Bear holds of any of them keeps pressure on the market. S&P500 Stock Index:  Note the 33.75 pivot – and what we had said about it in the room yesterday…the market HAS set up for some small moves: trade thru 44.75 targets 72; trade below 07.50 targets 1591.50.