Broz on Bonds 7.12.13

July 12, 2013

10-Year Treasury Notes: All the pivotals…here’s how I see it: 126.00 DOES lend support but I’ll favor the bears there for a test of 125.225 – and then consider 225 the key to direction the rest of the session. Strength seeks 126.245 which SHOULD be a first-touch fade. I’ll favor the bulls at 127.025 looking for 127.155. US 5-Year Treasury Note: 121.125 is SOLID resistance – but it also is the flip point to play a more bullish bias in this market. The bears need 120.185 (even if the yield is NOT there).  S&P500 Stock Index:  Trade above this pivot targets 1718.50; 80.75 MIGHT be a first-touch fade. The bears have control back below 48.25.