BuenasTareas.com: A Spanish-Language Education Resource for Students, Teachers and Researchers

February 3, 2012

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA--(Marketwire -02/03/12)- BuenasTareas.com is an educational website with over 2,500,000 documents and essays in Spanish available for students, university teachers and researchers. The site offers a free subscription with access to documents, monographs, research reports and book summaries for the Hispanic community worldwide.


Providing a large quantity of documents for the Spanish-speaking world with many popular topics, BuenasTareas.com is one of the most robust Spanish-language websites in the world. The site was created by two college students who had difficulties locating acceptable resource materials online for their essays and other assignments, including bibliographies, articles, thesis papers, monographs and essays. This personal experience led them to create a database of reference materials with valuable information to help other students and researchers find resources more easily.

Global Reach

BuenasTareas.com is currently located in California, where 37% of the population is of Hispanic origin according to the 2010 Census. There are over 500 million Spanish speakers worldwide, allowing the site to enjoy a global reach into many Spanish-speaking countries. BuenasTareas.com currently receives queries and visitors from all over the world including South America and Europe.

Visitors to the site can easily find the educational resources they need to accomplish their goals. Whether it is a student searching for information relating to their studies or a teacher researching the latest trends on a specific subject, BuenasTareas.com provides free access to the data they need.

About BuenasTareas.com

BuenasTareas.com is an educational resource of free essays, research papers, monographs and book summaries in Spanish. For more information, visit www.buenastareas.com.