The busiest airports for American, US Airways

Dallas, Miami and Charlotte are the busiest airports for merged American Airlines, US Airways

Associated Press

The merger of American Airlines and US Airways will create the world's largest airline, one with a strong presence along the East Coast as well as in Dallas, Chicago, Phoenix, Los Angeles and in London. Here is a look at what percent of the combined airline's capacity flows through its top 15 airports, according to airline consultancy Ionosphere Capital.

Dallas-Fort Worth: 12.3 percent

Miami: 8.5 percent

Charlotte: 6.5 percent

Chicago O'Hare: 6.3 percent

Philadelphia: 6.2 percent

Phoenix: 5.1 percent

Los Angles: 5 percent

New York JFK: 4.5 percent

London Heathrow: 2.3 percent

Washington National: 1.9 percent

San Francisco: 1.8 percent

Boston: 1.6 percent

New York LaGuardia: 1.5 percent

Las Vegas: 1.2 percent

Seattle: 0.9 percent

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