BuzzFeed kicks off CNN video deal with “Amazing Rescues” clip


Viral media site BuzzFeed on Tuesday launched a new YouTube channel in partnership with CNN that is aimed at bringing news to young viewers.

The deal, which was reported by the Wall Street Journal, will see BuzzFeed invest a low “eight figure sum” over the next two years to build up the platform.

The first video to appear on the site appeared Tuesday morning and features a mash-up of dramatic or heart-tugging clips drawn from famous rescues that have appeared on TV in recent years — Chilean miners, children in wells and so on:

The clip, which is hosted on a new BuzzFeed vertical called CNNBuzzFeed, includes ponderous voiceovers extolling the human spirit. It has yet to appear on CNN’s website.

The partnership appears to be an effort to bring some viral energy to CNN while allowing BuzzFeed to stake out more ground amidst mainstream media outlets. In the last year, the site, which was first known for cat videos, has broken several major news stories and formed partnerships with the likes of the New York Times.

The companies have not described the revenue angles of the deal, though it is worth noting that the conclusion of the “Rescue” video brings up invitations to watch clips other YouTube channels such as the Young Turks. This suggests part of terms for building the channel involve a syndication arrangement to promote YouTube content.

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