BYD calls US labor accusations "misinformation"


HONG KONG, Nov 1 (Reuters) - Warren Buffett-backed Chinesecarmaker BYD Co Ltd said a workers' rights group inthe United States was spreading "misinformation" about workingconditions at the company's California plant.

The advocacy group Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economyhad said that the carmaker had failed to pay workers therequired minimum wage and accused it of other violations. Thecompany was fined $100,000 after California authoritiesinvestigated the charges, according to a recent New York Timesreport.

BYD said in a statement it was working with thestate's Labor Commissioner's office to resolve the issues.

"Questions have been raised about the wages paid to a fewtechnology experts who are visiting here temporarily from BYD'sparent company in China to train our American workforce and toassist with the transition from overseas of our state-of-the-artdesign, but the information being disseminated is incomplete,"BYD said in its statement.

"We have reached out to the California Labor Commissioner'soffice to address these issues and hope to reach a conciliatoryand satisfactory resolution."

California officials could not be reached for commentoutside of U.S. business hours.

BYD is in the process of manufacturing green technologybuses in California. Shares of BYD were up 0.5 percent in HongKong trade on Friday, beating a flat overall market.

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