On the Call: Amgen CEO Robert Bradway

On the Call: Amgen happy with its latest purchase, cancer drugmaker Onyx Pharmaceuticals

Associated Press

Management of biotech drugmaker Amgen Inc. discussed during a conference call with analysts Tuesday its multiple strategies for expanding its business.

In the call following the release of Amgen's third-quarter results, CEO Robert Bradway was asked about a big part of those plans: the company's $9.7 billion purchase of cancer drugmaker Onyx Pharmaceuticals.

QUESTION: How is the Onyx integration going and how will it affect your profit margins a year from now?

ANSWER: The transition's moving smoothly. There are clearly going to be some opportunities to develop synergies down the road. We're three weeks into this. We feel good about what we've seen (and) the opportunity to provide growth and value.

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