On the Call: Mattel CEO discusses Easter effect

On the Call: Mattel CEO Bryan Stockton discusses Easter's effect on business

Associated Press

Mattel's first-quarter net income rose sharply as revenue increased, led by doll sales. Easter came earlier than last year and may have helped sales in the quarter. Still, CEO Bryan Stockton spoke told analysts in a conference call that Easter's importance is waning as the company expands globally — its goal is for international revenue to grow to 60 percent of sales from 50 percent.

QUESTION: Was there any impact from the timing of Easter this year?

RESPONSE: "No, the way we think about Easter is it moves around quite a bit and you really need to look at your results through May to really figure out what the impact of Easter is. ... more importantly for us, if you think about the role Easter plays in the promotional calendar globally, the United States is really the country where Easter is an important toy promotion period. Outside of the U.S. there is maybe a handful of countries where it has any impact at all. So you can imagine about 50 percent of our business doesn't really have a lot of Easter promotions in it. So as we grow our international business to our goal of 60 percent from 50 percent, Easter will become a less important part of our promotional mix in the spring. Having said that, we are happy with the support that we saw here in the U.S. for Easter."

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