Canadian General Investments, Limited Declares a Special Year-End Capital Gains Dividend


TORONTO, CANADA--(Marketwire - Dec 10, 2012) - Canadian General Investments, Limited (CGI.TO)(CGI-PB.TO)(CGI-PC.TO)(CGI.L) today declared a special cash capital gains dividend of $0.52 per common share. This dividend is payable on December 28, 2012 to shareholders of record on December 24, 2012.

Including the quarterly income dividends of $0.06 per common share, total cash dividend payments of $0.76 per common share in 2012 represent a yield to investors of 5.0% based on the December 7, 2012 closing market price of $15.15.

Canadian General Investments, Limited, established in 1930, is one of Canada''s largest closed-end investment companies with total portfolio assets in excess of $600 million as at December 7, 2012.

Canadian General Investments, Limited
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President & CEO
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