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Capital Group Holdings, Inc. (CGHC)today published an inaugural blog post on is an exclusive, online media publication thatenables key executive officers a unique platform to share insightsabout their company and industry trends.

Capital Group’sCEO, Erik Cooper, discusses the Patient Protection and AffordableCare Act (PPACA) as the most significant change to the system in recent years. “The old ways of doing thingsaren’t good enough for the future, and the future is happeningnow,” according to Mr. Cooper. He states that looking beyondprimary and urgent care lies telemedicine, an efficient andconvenient way for physicians to provide consultations. CapitalGroup’s wholly owned subsidiary, OneHealth Pass™, is underdevelopment to integrate telemedicine and urgent care, which isdiscussed in this blog post and will be highlighted in future blogposts along with OneHealth Urgent Care. Read the full blog post fromErik Cooper on

About Capital Group Holdings

Capital Group Holdings, Inc. is anacquirer and operator of fundamentally-sound companies that aremarket accepted, scalable and demonstrate a quantifiable valueproposition. Our focus is Health and Wellness organizations that havea strong market presence, brand awareness and talented and dedicatedmanagement teams with the potential to achieve exceptionalperformance over time. Capital Group Holdings lends its operationalsupport, management approach and financial resources to thesecompanies to achieve improvements in both bottom-line growth andpositioning in the marketplace. Capital Group Holdings currentlyoperates two wholly owned subsidiaries; One Health Pass, Inc andOneHealth Urgent Care, Inc.

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