CDTI: Honda to use CDTi's high performance catalyst technology on more platforms. This could be a four to five year commitment.

Zacks Small Cap Research
July 12, 2013

By Ian Gilson, PhD, CFA

Clean Diesel Technologies' (CDTI) mixed phase catalyst system has been selected by Honda for use on the 2013 Accord Hybrid and Accord plug-in Hybrid models. This expands the range of Honda vehicles that use catalyst systems provided by CDTi. North American versions of both four and six cylinder Accord and the Acura TSX are currently fitted with CDTi catalysts.

Honda uses a four to five year lifecycle for model platforms. Although automobile manufacturers can change suppliers as they please any change in pollution control systems would require recertification of the platform. Consequently CDTi has a strong position on the Honda Accord for the next four years.

A copy of the full research report can be downloaded here >> 
 Clean Diesel Tech Report

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