Which CEOs Need to Leave?

Neena Mishra
August 28, 2013

Last week, Microsoft stock surged on the announcement of the retirement of its CEO Steve Ballmer. The stock has languished under his leadership as the company failed to keep up with the competition in the tech world.

Which other companies would gain if they lose their leader?
1)    Apple
Filling in Steve Jobs’ shoes was not an easy task at all; but can someone handle the task better than Tim Cook? There has not been any game-changing products launch in the last couple of years. The share price has suffered immensely with increasing competition and lack of innovation.
2)    NASDAQ

Last week’ unprecedented shutdown delivered another black eye to NASDAQ when investors have not yet forgotten about glitches related to Facebook ‘s market debut. The CEO Robert Greifeld certainly needs an image re-building now or does the company need a change at the top?

3)    General Electric

The stock has lost almost half of its value during Jeff Immelt’s leadership. Is there any hope for the company if the CEO is replaced?
4)    Abercrombie and Fitch

Sales have plunged as the brand appears to be failing to appeal to its target clientele.  And CEO Michael Jeffries has been a disaster in terms of PR, with some of his remarks causing outrage and raising questions about his management style.

Let us know what you think.

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