CEOs Report Expensive Insider Buys Over the Past Week
March 19, 2014

Over the past week we've seen several large insider buys as well as several coming from the companies' CEOs. It is interesting to note when a CEO, or even a CFO, buys because these insiders supposedly have the most intimate knowledge of their company's workings.

The following three CEOs each come from various sectors of the market, but they each reported insider buys with transaction amounts valued at over $100,000 and one CEO reported an insider sell raking in over.

Ameresco (AMRC)

Over the past week Ameresco's President and CEO, George Sakellaris, has made three separate buys adding over 185,000 shares to his stake. The guru made his first buy on March 13 when he purchased 14,600 shares of Ameresco at $8.00 per share. This cost him a total of $116,800, and since then the price per share has dropped a notable -6%.

On March 14 Sakellaris made his largest buy, adding 166,130 shares to his stake. He purchased these shares at $7.75 per share for a total transaction amount of $1,287,208. Since his buy the price per share has dropped approximately -2.97%.

Most recently Sakellaris purchased an additional 65,470 shares of the company's stock. He bought these shares at $7.50 for a total transaction amount of 491,025. Since this most recent buy the price per share has increased slightly by 0.27%.

As of his most recent buy on March 17, Sakellaris holds on to 3,460,626 shares of Ameresco's stock.


Ameresco is a provider of energy efficiency solutions for facilities throughout North America. Its solutions enable customers to reduce their energy consumption, lower their operating and maintenance costs and realize environmental benefits.

Ameresco's historical revenue and net income:


The analysis on Ameresco reports that the company's price is near a 5-year low, the company has issued $65.83 million over the past three years and its revenue has been in decline over the past year.

Chuck Royce (Trades, Portfolio) is the only guru that holds a position in Ameresco. Royce held on to 1,397,099 shares as of the close of the fourth quarter. This position makes up for 3.06% of the company's shares outstanding and 0.04% of Royce's total assets managed.

The Peter Lynch Chart suggests that the company is currently overvalued:

This article first appeared on GuruFocus.