Cheap College Movers Offers Students an Easy and Affordable Way to Get Their Stuff to School

Launching this week, Philadelphia-based company streamlines college move-in process for students and parents.

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WAYNE, Pa., Aug. 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Over 21 million students attend college each year, and many choose schools 200 miles or more from their homes. Cheap College Movers, a start-up just outside of Philadelphia, is launching this week to give students and their families a cheap alternative to moving to and from college dorms and apartments.

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Moving to college once meant parents rented a hitch, packed the mini-van, and then made the cramped drive to school. With Cheap College Movers your parents don't have to worry about anything but driving you to school and dropping you off. Cheap College Movers is changing the way college move-ins work so students spend less time moving and more time socializing.  "Easier is always better, especially when you're in college," noted Devin Kerr, Marketing Manager. "As a recent grad I look back and wish I had this option. It would have saved me and my parents a lot of time and many disagreements."

Cheap College Movers figured out the simplest and cheapest way to move stuff to campus is using crates. Choose between a small cube-sized crate or a large tower crate, depending on how much you are moving. If you want to ship your own boxes Cheap College Movers gets volume discounts with UPS which they extend to customers. Order online at or with an innovative new Tweet-A-Quote. Just send a tweet to @TheCheapCollege with your home state or zip code and your college, and Cheap College Movers will Tweet back with a quote. Once you place an order, a crate is delivered to your home and will be picked up two days later. Cheap College Movers offers guaranteed delivery dates (especially handy for set move-in days) with an exclusive arrival window. Once your college crate arrives just empty the crate and bring the stuff to your room.  Your crate will be picked up and you can spend the night with friends (instead of Mom and Dad).

"Living and having gone to college and grad school in Philadelphia, I've had my share of student moves" said Richard Rodgers, Co-founder. "Right now there's no simple solution for the college move-in process and I wanted Cheap College to change that—we simplify the process by taking the hassle out of packing the car and unloading boxes, TVs, clothes, etc. Our services help the parents and the students, so it's a win-win."

Aside from cheap moving solutions, Cheap College Movers is going to offer deals and discounts on things like care packages, dorm room decor, college tech, and more. They will also be offering additional savings on move-out services...unless you drop out before then!

About Cheap College Movers

Cheap College Movers, launching this week, is ready to streamline the college move-in process. Underscored by their mission—to make college moves cheap and easy—CCM will help students and parents nationwide.

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