We Check USA Goes National With New Name Change


COLORADO SPRINGS, CO--(Marketwire - Mar 28, 2013) - We Check Inc. of Colorado Springs, CO has expanded its operations from Colorado to across the United States and also changed its name to We Check USA. The new name change reflects the organization's rapid growth and ability to support the towing industry nationally.

We Check USA is the leading towing group in the United States. It is not only a consumer and business advocacy group; it is a watchdog group for both and a referral service to help businesses grow.

The non-government organization features organizations that are in compliance with and follow all of the current rules, regulations and laws put forth by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and Public Utility Commission (PUC).

One of We Check USA's main goals is to make consumers aware of towing laws. If one were to invite a tower to perform tow on their property that did not have workers' compensation, that tower could sue the property owner's insurance as well as the property owner if they happened to get hurt. This is just one of many reasons it is important to verify with We Check Incorporated's online listing of towers. All of them have the required insurance coverage to protect property owners.

We Check USA's website is its primary method of distributing towing news, press and informative articles. With regular updates to their towing safety videos, latest news blog and towing forum -- the site is a central location for the towing community to get a myriad of information, including the latest updates in towing laws.

Visit We Check USA's website at www.wecheckinc.com. There you will find safe, reliable and compliant towers, the latest discussion in the industry, updates to towing laws as well as towing news and articles. We Check USA's press is also highlighted on the website.

About We Check USA
We Check USA, formerly known as We Check Inc., is a business and consumer advocacy group for the towing industry. The organization also strives to improve the image of the towing industry- not only in safety for consumers but for employees as well. To find out more about We Check USA visit www.wecheckinc.com or call 719-434-5707.

Corinne Reed
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