China Aid 2014 to be held in May in Shanghai

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SHANGHAI, April 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The 9th China International Exhibition of Senior Care, Rehabilitation, Medicine and Healthcare (China Aid 2014) will be held on 26-28 May, 2014 at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center (1099 Guozhan Road).

With support from the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People's Republic of China, China National Committee on Ageing and China Disabled Persons' Federation, it is organized by Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau, Shanghai Municipal Committee on Ageing and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shanghai Sub-council. Making its debut in 2000 and operated by professional expo organizer - INTEX Shanghai Co., Ltd., China Aid was the first trade expo of senior care and rehabilitation care) in the country. After 14 years of development and exploration, China Aid has become an important comprehensive platform for the release of information, exchange of technology and promotion of commerce and trade.

At present, China's aging population makes up around 14% of the total population. It is estimated that China's aging population will reach 400 million by 2050. In August 2013, a meeting was held to define tasks and measures pertinent to Chinese senior services reform. The meeting brought up the vision of building a comprehensive multi-layer senior services system covering both cities and the countryside by 2020 which is based on home care, assisted by the community and supported by institutions. In accordance to the spirit of the meeting, the State Council has published Suggestions on How to Speed up the Chinese Senior Services, which expresses the general requirements, major tasks as well as the policies and measures with regard to the improvement of senior services. The Suggestions will play a primary role in solving tricky Chinese senior services problems, extending the demand in consumption, as well as stabilizing the development of the economy.

There are 85 million disabled people in China, among whom 90% need rehabilitation, yet only about 10 million have actually received rehabilitation services. In order to implement the tasks and requirements of the 12th Five-Year Plan for Chinese Disabled People—Rehabilitation Measures and Methods, National Rehabilitation Office for the Disabled formulated 2013 Major Points of the National Rehabilitation Tasks for the Disabled and worked with the Ministry of Health, in an effort to promote cooperation between rehabilitation institutions and medical institutions for the disabled, integrate resources in the field of rehabilitation, improve the general quality of rehabilitation services, and ultimately, to meet the demand of rehabilitation of the patients and disabled people. In the meantime, the New National Blueprint for Urbanization 2014-2020 clearly stipulates that "the construction of accessibility facilities should be strengthened," so as to help disabled people lead normal social lives, improve the living environment for the disabled, as well as provide more convenient living and transportation conditions.

As the national trade expo with the longest history in senior care and rehabilitation medicine, China Aid has been adhering to the idea of "being grateful, concerning and caring, serving, developing", and has been consistently driving the development of the industry. Through the show platform, it serves as a display window of products and technologies of senior care and rehabilitation medicine industry, and provides a launch channel of supportive policies and service information for the aged and the disadvantaged, as well as builds a media platform to create a social atmosphere of concern and care for the aged and the disadvantaged. Each China Aid is a grand trade meeting which promotes the development of senior care and rehabilitation medicine.

The scale of China Aid 2014 is further enlarged. The exhibition area will reach 25,000 sq meters. It will bring together more than 400 companies, over 350 kinds of products and 800 brands from 15 countries and regions such as Germany, USA, Britain, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, and Japan. The show exhibits profile will cover the products, technologies and services of senior care, rehabilitation medicine, age-friendly buildings, live care, and health care. China Aid has already been an important show platform of the whole industry chain of senior care and rehabilitation medicine.

China Aid has been committed to the development of senior care and rehabilitation industry. It aims to offer solutions to senior care and rehabilitation problems in our country. The 4th China International Forum on Ageing will focus on age-friendly communities and healthy senior service. It will invite officials of departments in charge, well-known experts and scholars home and abroad, sociologists, and officials of international organizations to discuss the topics of industry development, age-friendly communities, home care, health management, combination of medicine and care, etc. Meanwhile, it will also invite trade professionals to share experience and exchange problems and solutions based on practical experience. The 2nd Directors Forum of Rehabilitation Hospitals is organized by Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine. It will gather together rehabilitation hospital administrators to discuss difficult and complicated cases, share valuable experience of how to build, run and manage rehabilitation hospitals, and give advice and suggestions to provide more widespread and better rehabilitation medical services. Besides, a variety of trade conferences and activities will be held concurrently to foster intensive communication regarding senior care and rehabilitation, namely China International Conference on the Development of Senior Residence (Shanghai) 2014, China Forum on Nursing Homes 2014, the 3rd International Conference of Rehabilitation Medical Engineering (CRME 2014), the 6th Shanghai International Conference on Orthopaedic Rehabilitation, and Senior Care and Rehabilitation Technology Innovation Forum, etc.

The 3rd China Silver Welfare Product Design Competition, as the sole brand activity of China Aid, has been highly concerned by enterprises and various social circles. Many of the award-winning products in the first two competitions have been mass-produced and successfully entered the market; these products have received excellent feedback and reviews from the public. With a theme of "Technology, Bliss for the Aged", this Design Award continues to encourage innovation of the general public and the self-dependent innovation of the enterprises; it also aims to encourage professionals and enterprises in the manufacturing field of care and rehabilitation products to design related products that are more scientific, healthier, more comfortable and which better meet the actual demand of the aged people. This design award aims to improve the living quality, social and living environment for the aged people, as well as promote the harmonious development of the aged care services and industry.

China Aid 2014 is a large-scale public welfare activity which serves the aged, and cares about the disadvantaged. Visitors can get free tickets by logging on the show website of, or by adding China Aid's official micro-blog and WeChat. We sincerely invite you to join China Aid and participate in the welfare grand gathering in May when the sky is clear and the air is fresh.


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