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China Filters Market

Demand to rise 14% yearly to 90 billion yuan in 2017

Demand for filters in China is projected to grow 14 percent per year to 90 billion yuan in 2017. Sales gains will be fueled by growth in the production of motor vehicles and other transportation equipment and rapid growth in the motor vehicle park. Growth in manufacturing output, building construction spending, and other industrial activities will also drive filter sales. The market for consumer filters will be expanded greatly by urbanization. As personal income levels rise, Chinese residents will spend more on their personal health, leading to more home water and air purification equipment purchases. The aftermarket for filters will also benefit from more widespread knowledge about health and the need to replace filters more frequently.

Motor vehicles to remain largest filter market

Motor vehicles will continue to represent the largest filter market through 2017. Demand will be supported by a growing motor vehicle park, leading to a rapidly developing aftermarket. The manufacturing sector will remain the second largest filter market through 2017, benefiting from increases in manufacturing activity. Utility filter market gains will be driven by construction of numerous new power plants, water and wastewater treatment facilities, and waste incinerators. Demand for filters in consumer and other markets will be fueled by increasing personal income levels and continued concerns about air and water quality. Filter shipments are expected to register double-digit gains through 2017. Besides the impact of expanding demand, the continued entry of foreign suppliers into the Chinese market, continued investments by domestic manufacturers, and higher filter prices will stimulate the growth of filter shipments. Imports will continue to account for a sizable share of demand for higher-end filters, though the growth rate is forecast to decelerate.

ICE engine & related filters to remain largest segment

Internal combustion engine (ICE) and related filters represented the largest product category of filters in China in 2012 and demand for them will rise more than 15 percent annually through 2017. Although growth of motor vehicle and gas motorcycle production will be slow (compared to historical rates), production gains will still support substantial filter consumption. Filter sales will also be stimulated by robust growth in the stock of motor vehicles and other transportation equipment. Fluid filtration product sales will be driven by rapid industry development. Fluid power filters are indispensable in producing such products as cement and chemicals. They are also widely used in hydraulic systems, the key energy transfer systems in construction and mining machinery. Demand for fluid filters will be also stimulated by growth in both water and wastewater treatment. Demand for air filters is expected to grow due to sales gains being fueled by rising output of products equipped with air filters, such as HVAC equipment. Rapid development of industries with air purification requirements will also spur the expansion of the air filter market. Influenced by severe air pollution in China, health concerns will drive consumers to purchase air filtration products.

Study coverage

Filters in China, an upcoming industry study that presents historical demand data (2002, 2007 and 2012) plus forecasts for 2017 and 2022 by product and market. The study also assesses market environment factors, evaluates company market share and profiles 45 industry competitors.





General 4

Economic Overview 5

Recent Economic Performance 5

Economic Outlook 7

Demographic Overview 10

Population 11

Urbanization 13

Households 14

Personal Income & Expenditure Trends 15

Industrial Outlook 17

Manufacturing 19

Mining 20

Utilities 22

Construction 23

Building Construction Trends 24

Motor Vehicle Outlook 25

Motor Vehicle in Use 27

Motor Vehicle Production 28

Motorcycle Outlook 29

HVAC Equipment Outlook 31

Nonagricultural Water Withdrawal 33

Pollution Abatement & Control 36

Environmental & Regulatory Considerations 38

The Five-Year Plan 41

International Trade 43


General 46

Conventional Filtration Technology 47

Fluid Filtration 48

Air Filtration 49

Filtration Media 50

Paper 53

Fabric 55

Nonwoven Fabric 57

Woven & Knit Fabric 59

Other Filter Media 59

Activated Carbon 60

All Other 61

Competitive Technologies 63

Ion Exchange 64

Membrane Separation 65

Distillation 67

Photo-Oxidation 68

Ozone Treatment 70

Chlorine 72

Chelating Agents & Zeolites 73


General 74

Internal Combustion Engine & Related Filters 78

Air Intake Filters 82

Light Duty Air Intake Filters 85

Heavy Duty Air Intake Filters 86

Oil Filters 87

Light Duty Oil Filters 91

Heavy Duty Oil Filters 92

Fuel Filters 94

Light Duty Fuel Filters 97

Heavy Duty Fuel Filters 97

Cabin Air Filters 99

Other Internal Combustion Engine & Related Filters 101

Emissions Filters 102

All Other ICE & Related Filters 103

Fluid Filters 105

Fluid Power Filters 108

Industrial & Mobile Equipment Fluid Power Filters 110

Aerospace Fluid Power Filters 111

Other Fluid Filters 112

Municipal & Industrial Fluid Treatment Filters 115

All Other Fluid Filters 116

Air Filters 118

Panel Filters 122

Low Velocity Filters 125

High Velocity Filters 127

Bag Filters 128

Fabric Air Pollution Control Filters 129

Pocket Filters 132

Electrostatic Air Filters 132

Cartridge Filters 135

Other Air Filters 137


General 139

Motor Vehicles 142

Motor Vehicle Aftermarket 145

Motor Vehicle OEM Market 147

Other Transportation Equipment 149

Manufacturing 152

Equipment & Products 153

Industrial Pollution Control 156

Utilities 160

Electric & Gas Utilities 162

Water & Waste Treatment 165

Consumer 167

Water 169

OEM 171

Aftermarket 171

Air 173

OEM 174

Aftermarket 175

Other Markets 176


General 180

Industry Composition 181

Market Share 184

Competitive Strategies 187

Research & Development 189

Marketing & Distribution 190

Cooperative Agreements 192

Foreign Participation in China 195

Company Profiles 197

AAF International, see Daikin Industries

Albany Filtration Technologies Pty Limited 198

Beijing Pentair Environmental Protection Equipment,

see Pentair

Bengbu Haoye Filter, see MANN+HUMMEL

Bengbu Jinwei Filters Company Limited 199

BWF Offermann Schmid & Company KG 201

Camfil Farr Group 203

CLARCOR Incorporated 206

Corning Incorporated 208

Cummins Incorporated 210

Daikin Industries Limited 212

Donaldson Company Incorporated 215

Foshan TORA Filter Element Manufacturing

Company Limited 220

Freudenberg & Company KG 221

Golden Haiye Auto Parts Manufacturing Company

Limited 224

Goldensea, see Zhejiang Goldensea Environment


Guangdong Jiangmen Hengbo Air-Filter, see Zhejiang

Hengbo Air-Filter

HYDAC International GmbH 226

Jiangsu Suzhou Purification Group Company Limited 228

Korea Vilene, see Freudenberg

MAHLE International GmbH 230


MayAir SEA Sdn Bhd 237

Nippon Muki, see Daikin Industries

Pall Corporation 239

Pentair Limited 244

ROKI Company Limited 245

Shanghai BG Industrial Fabric Company Limited 246

Shanghai Fleetguard Filter, see Cummins

Sinoma Science & Technology Company Limited 247

Suzhou Antai Air Tech, see Jiangsu Suzhou

Purification Group

Suzhou Huatai Air Filter, see Jiangsu Suzhou

Purification Group

3M Company 249

Tianjin Teda Company Limited 252

UFI Filters SpA 253

United Air Specialists, see CLARCOR

Watsun Filters Shenzhen Company Limited 255

Weifang Yuhua Filters, see CLARCOR

Wetzel Technologies Shanghai Company Limited 256

Xiamen Savings Environmental Industrial

Company Limited 258

Xinxiang Pingyuan Filter & Purification

Company Limited 259

YBM Group China Company Limited 260

Zhejiang Goldensea Environment Technology

Company Limited 261

Zhejiang Headman Filtration Technology

Company Limited 262

Zhejiang Hengbo Air-Filter Company Limited 263

Zhejiang Topyauld Motor Parts Company Limited 265

Zhejiang Universe Filter Company Limited 266

Other Companies Mentioned in Study 268



Summary Table 3


1 Gross Domestic Product of China 10

2 Population of China 12

3 Households in China by Region 15

4 Disposable Personal Income & Consumer Expenditures

in China 17

5 Industrial Value Added in China 18

6 Building Construction Expenditures in China 25

7 Motor Vehicle Indicators in China 27

8 Motorcycle Supply & Demand in China 31

9 HVAC Equipment Production in China 33

10 Nonagricultural Water Withdrawal in China 35

11 Industrial Pollution Control Fixed Asset Investment in China 37

12 Chinese Foreign Trade in Filters 45


1 Filter Demand by Media Type in China 52

2 Paper Filter Demand in China 55

3 Fabric Filter Demand in China 57

4 Other Media Filter Demand in China 60


1 Filter Supply & Demand in China 77

2 Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) & Related Filter Supply

& Demand in China 81

3 ICE Air Intake Filter Demand in China 85

4 ICE Oil Filter Demand in China 91

5 ICE Fuel Filter Demand in China 96

6 ICE Cabin Air Filter Demand in China 101

7 Other ICE & Related Filter Demand in China 102

8 Fluid Filter Supply & Demand in China 108

9 Fluid Power Filter Demand in China 110

10 Other Fluid Filter Demand in China 115

11 Air Filter Supply & Demand in China 121

12 Panel Air Filter Demand in China 124

13 Bag Air Filter Demand in China 129

14 Electrostatic Air Filter Demand in China 135

15 Cartridge Filter Demand in China 136

16 Other Air Filter Demand in China 138


1 Filter Demand by Market in China 141

2 Motor Vehicle Market for Filters in China 145

3 Motor Vehicle Filter Aftermarket in China 146

4 Motor Vehicle Filter OEM Market in China 148

5 Other Transportation Equipment Market for Filters in China 151

6 Manufacturing Market for Filters in China 153

7 Equipment & Product Filter Demand in China 156

8 Industrial Pollution Control Filter Demand in China 159

9 Utilities Market for Filters in China 162

10 Electric & Gas Utilities Market for Filters in China 165

11 Water & Waste Treatment Market for Filters in China 167

12 Consumer Market for Filters in China 169

13 Consumer Water Filter Demand in China 170

14 Consumer Air Filter Demand in China 174

15 Other Markets for Filters in China 179


1 Revenue Data: Selected Filter Companies, 2012 183

2 Selected Cooperative Agreements 194



1 Population of China by Age, 2002-2022 13


1 Filter Demand by Media Type in China, 2012 52


1 Filter Demand in China by Type, 2012 78

2 Internal Combustion Engine & Related Filter Demand

in China by Type, 2012 82

3 Air Filter Demand in China by Type, 2012 122


1 Filter Demand by Market in China, 2012 142


1 Filter Market Share in China, 2012 184

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