Chris Hemsworth's Wife Stood In For Natalie Portman During 'Thor' Kissing Scene

Aly Weisman
December 3, 2013
Thor kiss chris hemsworth natalie portman
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Thor kiss chris hemsworth natalie portman


Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth's "Thor: The Dark World" characters share a passionate kissing scene at the end of the film.

But Portman told the New York Daily News that there's a reason the scene was so steamy—  she wasn't in it!

Instead, Hemsworth's real-life wife, actress Elsa Pataky, threw on a wig and filled in for Portman.

Chris Hemsworth Elsa Pataky
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Chris Hemsworth Elsa Pataky

Tullio M. Puglia/Getty

Hemsworth and his wife/Natalie Portman's stand-in, Elsa Pataky.

"It was for reshoots and he was working in Hong Kong and I couldn't get there because I was working on my own film," Portman explained. "And so they put his wife in my wig and costume, that's why it was so passionate."

“It was such a perfect solution, wasn’t it,” added Portman.

Apparently they did something right, as the film has gone on to earn a whopping  $591,105,086 worldwide .

Hemsworth, 30, has been married to the Spanish-born Pataky, 37, since 2010. The couple have one child and another on the way.

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