Closing Print 2.5.2013


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When in doubt? Buy more!!! Thats how this has worked year. Whether its a 4 handle sell off or a 14 handle sell off...

They call  that "back and fill" until they spill.

SPH   high    1510.80
SPH   low     1499.20
SPH   last     1506.00 , +12.6 handes

Total volume: 1.65mil ESH and 3k SPH trade in the pit

MOC : 21 of the DOW 30 to buy (small)  and MOC buy $25mil

Tomorrow: MBA Purchase Apps. Treasury Budget, 3ry ad a 5 yr not auction  and a  30 YEAR BOND announcement

The S&P made a new high but there was just not enough buying left for late in the day to hold the ESH up on the highs.

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