Closing Print 6.12.2013


Big time Pop & Drop going on here in the S&P futures today , its been a big time Flunk-a-dunk.
The June Swoon has begun and why not? The S&P was up 17% this year, school is letting out and people are taking some profits.

SPM high 1638.00 early
SPM low 1610.50 , late
SPM last 1612, down 15 handles

Total volume : 2.45 mil ESM , 21k SPM and 17k SPM / U spreads traded
MOC : Sell $100mil

Jobless claims, Retail sales, Import export prices, business inventories, Nat gas, 30 yr bond auction, fed balance sheet and money supply.

Looks bad but don't forget the PitBulls Thursday / Friday low the week before the JUNE expiration

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