CME to resume lean hog and feeder cattle indexes this week


CHICAGO, Oct 21 (Reuters) - The Chicago Mercantile Exchangeon Monday said it would again issue the exchange's lean hog andfeeder cattle indexes, which had been temporarily suspended bythe partial federal government shutdown.

Now that relevant information is being reported by the U.S.Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Marketing Service(AMS), the CME will calculate and distribute the data, said theCME Group Inc unit in a statement.

CME's feeder cattle index for the seven-day period ended Oct.18 will be released in the afternoon on Monday, Oct. 21. Theexchange's lean hog index for the two-day period ended Oct. 18will be released in the morning of Tuesday Oct. 22, according tothe CME.

Some historical data may not be initially available from theperiod prior to Oct. 17 in which the USDA reporting systems werenot active, the CME said. It added that as historical databecome available from AMS, they will be entered into therelevant index calculation for the appropriate date, wherepossible.

"The lack of historical data is not expected to have animpact on the final settlement price for October 2013 feedercattle futures and options since the reporting period fortransactions included in the CME feeder cattle index used forthe October 2013 final settlement is Oct. 25 through Oct. 31,2013," the exchange said.

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