College is Worth It, and YouScience Believes There is a Science to It

EdTech Upstart Delivers Its College Success Profile to Boost the Return on a Post-Secondary Education

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NASHVILLE, Tenn., June 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- For the first time in America, people are asking if college is worth it. Considering the staggering statistics, that appears to be a valid question. The Education Trust reports that 60 percent of college freshmen fail to graduate in four years. Those additional years add tens of thousands of dollars to both student and parent debt. According to McKinsey, this crisis extends after graduation. More than half of recent graduates, upon entering the job market, wish they had chosen a different major or school.

YouScience, the education-technology startup that created the first scientific, online profile to specifically help students graduate on time and improve career readiness, definitely believes that college is worth it. Its College Success Profile enables students to learn personally and precisely in what areas they are naturally strong and most likely to succeed in college, in their careers and in life.

"We have an entire generation of students who have access to college's incredible resources, but they are graduating ill-equipped for the marketplace and burdened by substantial debt," says Philip Hardin, YouScience chief executive officer. "Students must possess the tools to set a true course and motivate themselves to more intentionally navigate their college experience. Whether they're entering a four-year program, community or technical school, they need to be deliberate to ensure academic success and career readiness."

The YouScience Solution 
Armed with forward-looking tools built on 90 years of validated science, the YouScience College Success Profile uses real mental exercises—not merely self-reported data—to find the intersection between a student's natural aptitudes and interests to identify post-secondary majors that lead to the greatest career potential. After students complete the profile, they receive a detailed assessment of the results, college major recommendations and an exploration of potentially perfect career options.

Currently, YouScience offers a three-tier pricing model to meet the varied needs of all students, regardless of their position in the college and career planning process.

  • Basic Profile ($79) supplies a detailed self-discovery of aptitudes and interests
  • Complete Profile ($149) includes the Basic Profile, plus education and career mapping
  • Ultimate Profile ($249) includes all of the above, plus a 1-hour session with a YouScience Specialist and a professionally printed, 40-page personal profile guide

"Is college worth it?" asks Hardin. "Yes, but students must have direction and motivation. With YouScience, you don't have to spend years in college figuring out where you excel. Instead, we can show you in as little as two hours. This has the power to make parents and students better consumers of higher education."

About YouScience
YouScience uses science to help students successfully transition from high school to post-secondary to career. The YouScience profile combines aptitude and interest assessments with a patent pending education and career mapping process.  Sold directly to consumers and through high schools, colleges, and consultants.  YouScience assists students and their families find their way faster. Founded in 2012, YouScience is a private company headquartered in Nashville, Tenn., with offices in Dallas. For further information on YouScience, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or visit


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