Comprehensive Binary Options Trading Courses Available for Free from Financial Trading School

Individuals interested in finance and binary options trading now have the perfect opportunity to learn how to be successful in the world of trading. The Financial Trading School, created by Brian Nguyen, offers a variety of courses on both general trading and binary options trading. All courses are designed to be similar to university courses, ranging from introductory 100 level courses to advanced 400 level courses.


NEW YORK, NEW YORK--(Marketwire - Dec 12, 2012) - All individuals who have ever been interested in finance or trading now have the opportunity to improve their understanding and skill without breaking their budget. Financial Trading School offers comprehensive courses on binary options trading and general trading, free of charge.

Brian Nguyen, also known as FinancialTJ from his instructional YouTube videos, created this online school with a very specific goal in mind. Nguyen explains, "I developed Financial Trading School for one reason and one reason only: to improve the learning experience for new and old traders alike." Nguyen''s decision to make instructional courses on binary options available and affordable has resulted in glowing testimonials and successful traders.

Nguyen, who is a trading veteran, decided to structure the lessons on binary options trading to be similar to university courses. Just as would be the case in a university course, an individual who takes a 100 level course on binary options will be pursuing an introductory course that covers the basics of binary options trading as well as basic trading strategies. Financial Trading School currently offers 13 lessons in the introductory 100 level series, and covers topics such as "Recommended Charting Platforms", "Break Even Ratio", and "Money Management", with more set to arrive in the near future. Also like university courses, it is recommended that students take the prerequisite and co-requisite courses in general trading for optimal learning and for the best outcomes.

Financial Trading School''s 200 and 300 level courses introduce more complicated aspects of binary options trading. These courses also have prerequisites, which are highly recommended due to the depth of the new material. The 400 level courses in binary options at the Financial Trading School introduce even higher thought processes.

In addition to these lessons being completely free, the online school also provides students with the opportunity to learn from the Trading Journal. The Trading Journal, also written by Brian Nguyen, includes FX weekly analysis, charts, summaries of the trading year, and expectations of what will come in the New Year.

Unlike competing trading schools, the careful design of the courses makes learning about binary options comprehensive, while the free cost makes lessons affordable for all those interested in binary options trading.


The Financial Trading School was developed by Brian Nguyen, or FinancialTJ as he is known on YouTube. The school was created with the intention of improving the learning experience of trading enthusiasts and making these lessons accessible. What began as a series of videos on YouTube and has since become a reputable online school with structured, informative courses. The Financial Trading School''s curriculum covers general trading as well as binary options. For more information on Financial Trading School and the courses offered, visit

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