Concerned ALCO Stockholders Joins with Milwaukee Private Wealth Management, Inc. to Solicit Proxies for a Combined Slate of Highly Qualified Director Candidates at ALCO Stores’ Annual Meeting

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Concerned ALCO Stockholders (“Concerned ALCO Stockholders”, “CAS” or “we”), a group led by David Pointer and Dilip Singh, are happy to announce today that a group led by Milwaukee Private Wealth Management, Inc. (“MPWMI”) and Jeffrey Geygan has agreed to join CAS in its efforts to give stockholders of ALCO Stores, Inc. (ALCS) (“ALCO”) the opportunity to vote for a slate of highly qualified director candidates at ALCO’s 2014 Annual Meeting of Stockholders. CAS will now be led by Jeffrey Geygan, David Pointer, and Dilip Singh.

CAS is a group dedicated to maximizing stockholder value and improving corporate governance at ALCO. New CAS member Jeffrey Geygan expressed agreement with David Pointer’s support of ALCO CEO Richard Wilson and his team, as well as CAS’ view that a reconstituted Board of Directors (“Board”) will benefit all ALCO stakeholders, including customers, employees, and shareholders. For this reason, CAS intends to mail out its own proxy statement ahead of the 2014 Annual Meeting of Stockholders to solicit support for the election of the following five highly qualified director candidates: Stanley B. Latacha and Robert J. Sarlls, who were previously nominated by MPWMI, and John M. Climaco, David W. Pointer, and Dilip Singh, who were previously nominated by Concerned ALCO Stockholders.

Concerned ALCO Stockholders believes that stockholders should have the opportunity to elect a new Board, instead of simply voting for the slate hand-picked by the incumbent Board. CAS’ proxy statement will explain the strengths and relevant experiences of each of its nominees.

Concerned ALCO Stockholders is not currently soliciting votes, and is only providing information concerning its intentions.

Jeffrey Geygan is a long-term shareholder of ALCO and President/CEO of an Investment Research & Advisory firm. David Pointer is the founder and Managing Partner of an Investment Advisory firm and shareholder of ALCO. Dilip Singh is an experienced public company board member who has created wealth for stockholders across a number of industries.

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