Concierge Technologies Introduces Janus Cam Dash Camera at Great American Truck Show

August 21, 2013

San Francisco, CA (ACCESSWIRE) 8/21/2013 - Concierge Technologies, Inc. (CNCG) through its wholly owned subsidiary Janus Cam, an established provider of mobile digital surveillance cameras to the taxi and limo industry, is introducing its premier product, the Janus V2, to the trucking industry at one of the nation's largest trucking conventions. The Great American Truck Show is being held in Dallas TX August 22 August 24, 2013. For more information please visit

Peter Park, President of Janus Cam, commented "We have been very successful in the taxi industry with our camera product. The presence of the camera has substantially reduced criminal activity, insurance loss claims and improved driver performance. The effect has been a significant improvement to bottom line profits realized by our customers. The taxi industry nationwide comprises approximately 230,000 vehicles. Analysis of the trucking industry indicates at least 17 million registered vehicles. We feel that the same benefits realized by the taxi industry through use of our vehicle recorder can be translated to the trucking industry, perhaps even more so. We're excited about exhibiting at the Great American Truck Show and look forward to the response of the attendees."

The Janus V2 features dual-lens high definition video recording of the vehicle's forward view and the interior of the cab, infra red night vision, interior audio recording, and GPS-based vehicle tracking. The V2 is an unobtrusive, windshield mounted, device that integrates all functions into one chassis. No external DVR's or GPS modules are required. Data is recorded on a 32GB SD card fit into the camera housing. Fleet managers access the data by launching a proprietary Janus viewer application on any PC. Programmable event triggers such as sudden starts, sudden stops, impacts, over-speeding, etc. are tagged on the data files for ease of sorting. The vehicle route is displayed using Google Maps(R) with corresponding speed indicator, time stamp, and zoom functions. Unlike some other "dash cams", the Janus data belongs to the camera owner and is available for viewing all video history and vehicle movements without the need for requesting reports or payment of recurring fees to a provider. The Janus viewer application is provided free with the camera.

Also being displayed at the truck show are two other single lens cameras that capture the video outside the vehicle as well as GPS and audio recording. For users not interested in activities inside the vehicle, such as payment transactions, driver cell phone use, passengers, etc. the single lens cameras provide the same high quality video and route tracking data for an even more affordable price.

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