Continewity Pioneers Comprehensive Human Capital Management (HCM) for Credit Unions


DALLAS, TX--(Marketwire -03/27/12)- Governance, productivity and strategy advisory firm Continewity LLC has developed an innovative solution for credit unions that revolutionizes the way human resources are managed: PeopleLogic Pro.

This innovative approach borrows heavily from operations management principles & modern portfolio theory, thrusting into a realm far beyond traditional HR. Guided by decades as expert advisors to organizations worldwide and supported by patented, web-based assessment tools used by more than 40,000 clients over the past 20 years, Continewity's PeopleLogic Pro is engineered to:

1. De-risk hiring decisions & minimize loss
2. Boost staff productivity which leads to higher member retention & loyalty
3. Enhance member service & sales competencies to accelerate income and asset growth
4. Build sustainable synergies between supervisors and subordinates, while reducing harmful conflict and organizational friction
5. Proactively manage career trajectories and nurture leadership qualities
6. Minimize adverse staff turnover risk

Under conservative estimates, replacing an employee can cost well over $20,000, and when the loss of productivity, revenue, and institutional know-how is included, the total cost of turnover skyrockets. As member service and satisfaction forms the core of the credit union philosophy, credit unions have an absolute need for high quality HCM. The Ethics Resource Center's 2011 National Business Ethics Survey says, "Pressure from employers to compromise standards is at an all-time high and retaliation has reached an alarming rate." From occupational fraud to favoritism, the American workplace is in crisis and the time to revamp organizational cultures is now. "Whether your people hired in from competitors, joined directly from college, or advanced internally from tellers to management positions, the strongest way to improve trust & morale is to remove the perception of subjectivity and favoritism from the workplace," says Continewity's José Rodriguez.

PeopleLogic Pro operates in harmony with existing HRIS systems, or on a standalone basis. While the total solution can cost as little as $1/day per employee, for a limited time, Continewity LLC is offering a no-cost initial evaluation covering an organization's first 50 employees.

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Continewity's leadership team has worked both with and as executives for organizations of all sizes and industries in over 40 countries globally. The firm has offices in Dallas-Fort Worth, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Miami, and San Francisco. Learn more about Continewity at

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