Could iPhone 5 Be a Catalyst for Cell Tower Operators?

the Staff
September 26, 2012

The anticipated popularity of the iPhone 5 and competing devices like the Samsung Galaxy smartphone should benefit a number of supplies and also operators of cellular towers. In fact, the CEO of American Tower (AMT) said on CNBC last week that the iPhone 5, which runs on the newest 4G networks, should transform the entire industry.

"What this does is it takes the most popular device with the most applications and brings it into the most modern wireless technology being operated in the world right now. So you'll be able to do much more robust things as a consumer," American Tower's CEO, James Taiclet, said on the cable channel's "Squawk on the Street" show last Friday.

The enhanced capabilities of 4G smartphones from Apple (AAPL) and other device makers are expected to drive even greater amounts of mobile data consumption, which will push the carriers to build the bandwidth needed to support demand.

More bandwidth translates into the need for more space on mobile towers, to the benefit of companies like American Tower, Crown Castle International (CCI), and SBAC Communications (SBAC).

This week, is taking an in-depth examination of the tower operators to look at potential catalysts and risks, as well as to see which has the best growth prospects and which is the most attractively valued.

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