Court OKs right to sue in 'Girls Gone Wild' case

State high court says woman has right to sue in Ga. over 'Girls Gone Wild' video shot in Fla.

Associated Press

ATLANTA (AP) -- Georgia's highest court has ruled that a woman who was 14 when she exposed her breasts during spring break in Florida to a man with a video camera has grounds to sue under Georgia law.

The man sold the clip of Lindsey Bullard for use in a "Girls Gone Wild" video. Bullard sued in federal court, seeking damages in 2004 after her image was used on a video cover and in television and online advertisements.

A federal judge says Georgia law on the matter was unclear and asked the Georgia Supreme Court to clarify whether Bullard had a viable claim.

In a unanimous opinion published Thursday, the high court says Bullard has the right to sue for "appropriation of likeness" under Georgia law despite the tape being shot in Florida.


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