CRE Finance, LLC starts 2014 with Mixed-Use $1.55M Closing

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NEW YORK, Feb. 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- CRE Finance, LLC has begun the New Year on a strong financial footing with the closing of a mixed use property on the Jersey Shore for $1.55M.

"We were able to tie together an office complex and apartment rental property together into one $1.55M mortgage loan," according to Todd Tretsky, the CEO of CRE Finance, LLC.

Tretsky sees the company as a major player in the North East Lending Region in Mixed Use properties. "There are a lot of mixed use properties in the Northeast, and CRE Finance, LLC is well positioned to be the major mixed use lender of choice," according to Mr. Tretsky.

"Our offices in New York City and in New Jersey are situated in the hot bed of mixed use properties. From Boston to Washington, DC we have found a big need for mixed use financing," said Mr. Tretsky. CRE Finance, with over 40 years' experience in this type of lending, is ready to continue 2014 and beyond in the mixed use marketplace.

While the loan CRE Finance, LLC just closed was $1.55M, we can handle any size loan request. Whether it's a $200,000 Mom & Pop mixed use or a multi-million dollar mixed use property, CRE Finance, LLC is lending and will continue to provide mixed use financing.

Please view our website for all types of Commercial Mortgage ( or call our sales department directly at 212-257-7307.

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