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COLUMBUS, Ohio, June 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- With the release of his debut album, MY TESTAMENT VOL 1, Yarima Karama is bringing back to hip hop what it has been missing for quite some time now. That element of street music, mixed over melodic beats with an added verbiage of similes and metaphors, combined with his storytelling ability makes this artist one that you don't want to pass up or sleep on. Each one of his songs draws the listener right in with anxious anticipation of what the next verse is going to be like. Add to this the fact that Yarima's energy is infectious.  His passion comes through in every song and even some,  who aren't necessarily fans of this particular genre, find themselves stopping to listen out of curiosity because of the energy he puts forth in his lyrics.

Yarima, whose step-father was a career military man, grew up constantly on the move, living overseas and different parts of the U.S.  When asked where he gets his concepts for the songs he writes Yarima simply replies, "From the people, places and events I've seen in my life. I write about what I know, what I've lived, or what I've seen others go through." Yarima started writing poetry and rhymes at age 8 and was told by English teachers throughout Junior High and High school that his work was impressive. He was given even bigger accolades from English Professors in college but he didn't take heed to their input because he was too caught up in street life to pay attention to the gift that they recognized in him. A lengthy prison term finally opened this artist's eyes to his gift of writing and performing and taking it seriously.

Now Yarima has put together a powerful debut album and, with songs like COLD COUNTRY and GIVE YOU BACK, that many people can relate to, and COME UP, which is word play at its finest, Yarima is slowly making a name for himself.  Along with his music Yarima also partakes in community activism and using words and music to rebuild downtrodden communities and the youth therein.  You can read more about Yarima on his webpage at www.yarimakarama.com, as well as see his latest music video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgX68nY1ajU * and other spoken word videos on YouTube.

*Video contains explicit lyrics.

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