Credit card interest rates for July 19, 2012

Interest Rate Roundup
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Credit Cards

  • 13.81% (all fixed)
  • 14.5% (all variable)

Credit card rates stayed steady this week, according to Bankrate's latest survey of interest rates. The average annual percentage rate, or APR, for variable-rate credit cards remained at 14.5 percent. The fixed APR was unchanged at 13.81 percent, where it has been since the first week of March.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau took its first enforcement action this week when it ordered Capital One to refund $140 million to 2 million of its customers who bought add-on products that were sold deceptively. Furthermore, the agency said the issuer will pay an additional $25 million in penalty fees. The CFPB said it expects similar actions to follow against other issuers.

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